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Society Guidelines


17 Apr 2015

Guidelines for the Delivery of Antiretroviral Therapy to Migrants and Crisis-Affected Persons in Sub-Saharan Africa

Update to 2007 guidance to  include all types of migrants and crisis-affected populations,
including those forcibly displaced. This update stresses that migration and forced displacement
must NO T be used as an excuse to deny treatment. Clear recommendations are provided for states,
clinicians and programme managers, civil society, donors and United Nations (UN ) agencies.
19 Dec 2014

Guideline on Adult Antiretroviral Therapy, 2014

2014 update to the Society guideline on adult antiretroviral therapy.


The Society develops recommendations on the management of patients in emergency situations where the provider is unable to manage per guidelines. These recommendations are written in consultation with the Society's Board of Directors and relevant advisory committees (e.g. Adult, Child and Adolescent), and are in response to acute emergency situations, such as drug stock outs.