Celebrating 25 Years

SAHCS - Celebrating 25 years (Est. 1998)

The beginning of SAHCS
1997   -   The SAHCS was conceptualised in 1997 at a meeting of southern African clinicians in Geneva, to bring together clinicians in the field of HIV/AIDS so that it could act as a centre of expertise for the purposes of disseminating such expertise to those practising in the field.
1998   -   The SAHCS was constituted as a Clinicians’ Society and registered as a Section 21 company in 1998.

SAHCS growth
SAHCS has played a significant role in the history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa. 
Over the last two and a half decades SAHCS has undergone considerable organisational growth and development.
  • SAHCS is strategically positioned to provide support with its extensive membership and reputation as a source of best practice information. SAHCS members are respected, influential HIV clinicians, key opinion leaders and policy makers throughout southern Africa.
  • SAHCS vision is to promote the highest quality, cost-effective, standard of healthcare for all persons in southern Africa living with HIV. 
  • SAHCS enjoys strong relationships with partner organisations and other stakeholders.
  • SAHCS continues to make significant contributions to the widespread adoption of HIV best practice through a variety of activities, including:
    • CME meetings
    • Online training courses 
    • Development of best practice guidelines
    • Biennial SAHCS conference
    • Online discussion groups
    • Scholarship programmes for healthcare professionals
    • SAHCS publications – the Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine (SAJHIVMED) and HIV Nursing Matters
    • Clinical tips – short SMS clinical messages 
  • SAHCS is positioned as guardian of the standard of HIV care, and gives members a voice within HIV healthcare.
  • SAHCS monitors and informs the development and implementation of national HIV policy, and advocates for policies that support the highest standard of healthcare. 
SAHCS represents a powerful and independent voice within southern Africa, with key representation from the most experienced and respected professionals working in the fight against HIV.

SAHCS call for action
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