Child and Adolescent Committee


The Child and Adolescent Committee promotes best practice HIV prevention, care and treatment services for children and adolescents. The committee works closely with the National Department of Health on the development of evidence-based guidelines, and provides guidance and direction to all Society child and adolescent-related programmes and activities.


The Committee is led by an elected leadership group from across the country, and is chaired by Prof Moherndren Archary. Committee members include Dr Leon Levin, Dr James Nuttall, Prof Helena Rabie, Dr Riana van Zyl, Dr Nosisa Sipmabo, Dr Lisa Horak and Dr Gillian Sorour. 


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Please see our resources page for paediatric guidance and relevant job aids.

If you have a clinical question about the management of a paediatric or adolescent patient, please contact the National HIV and TB Health Care Worker Hotline at 0800 212 506, or send an email to SAHCS at